97 Chevy Cavalier

I have a 97 Chevy Cavalier, 2.2 ltr, that started giving me problems last week. I was going to leave the house and got a bout 50 ft before I heard a “tink” noise and it died. It won’t start now. I have checked everything that I can think of. It’s not a rod or anything like that. It has to be something really simple. It will turn over, just can’t seem to start. An any advice?

And to be more specific, the “tink” noise sounded like a small rock hitting the undercarriage.

Does it crank? You know, the “rrrr — rrrr — rrrrr” sound you normally get just before it starts up?

Yeah, I’m still getting that sound.

Ok, now I’m assuming all theowner’s manual suggested routine engine maintenance up to date and the check engine light is not on. …

Since this started with an unusual sound,
I’d start by looking at the timing belt (if it has one) to make sure it isn’t broken,
then I’d check for a spark at each spark plug,
then check the ignition timing during cranking,
then the fuel pressure at the rail,
then the compression.

At some point you’ll find something wrong, and we can go from there.

Oh, also to note, I had it plugged into a diagnostic machine and it didn’t pull up any codes saying anything was wrong. I just changed the spark plugs a month ago. Just wanted to throw that in there.

Decided to take it to a mechanic friend. It was the timing chain. I knew it was something stupidly simple. Lol