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97 Chevy Cavalier hates waking up in the morning

My car, the above mentioned 97 Chevy Cavalier, REALLY isn’t a morning person. Almost every morning when I try to start it to go to work around 7AM, it doesn’t like to start.

When I turn the key to the “on” position, instead of hearing the fuel pump going, I hear a buzzing sound coming from my steering column & console area. If I continue to turn it to try and start it, it will turn over but won’t start running. If I keep doing this over the course of 15 - 30 minutes, eventually the buzz stops and the car will start. If I try to start it later in the day or after it’s been running for a bit, it’ll fire right up just like it should. And if I stay out late with it, then the problem starts back up again in the midnight hours.

I took it to the dealership’s repair shop, but they were no help. They couldn’t replicate the problem, said it was a clogged fuel filter (buzzing in my console is a clogged filter?), replaced that and sent me on my way.

Anyone have any hints on what’s causing this? It does this on really dry mornings & really wet mornings, so I don’t think moisture is the trigger, but cold temps do seem to be setting this off. I’d appreciate any help so I can take it to a more helpful repair shop & let them know where to start looking.

I believe you have a bad fuel pump relay. When the contacts get burnt they sometimes buzz like crazy. Track that buzzer down and replace it.