97 blazer hardstart_stalling

I’ve a 4 wheel drive 97 Blazer Lt with a 2.6 engine. I recently have been experiencing hard starts and then once it has started and runs around town in fine form it stalls and the unusual thing is that sometimes during this event the ABS activates. I have been able to restart and continue on my way. Also sometimes I will be driving and it attempts to stall (kind of a loss of power and then restart) but it seems to reconsider that and continues with full power. However when that happens the ABS and airbag lights come on and stay on.

This once reliable vehicle has become untrust worthy. I have recently changed the fuel pump and filter so I can only conclude it is not a fuel filter/line issue. Any ideas?

One area to check for this problem is the positive battery cable. This vehicle has the side mount terminals. Under the red rubber cover for the positive cable connection corrosion can form. When this happens it can cause a voltage drop to the vehicles electrical systems. When that happens all the computers for the engine management, air bag, and ABS can go crazy.

Remove both terminals from the battery, and peel back the red rubber cover for the positive cable. If a whitish/green powder is found under this cover, that’s what is causing the problem. You can clean this corrosion to establish a good connection again. But I recommend replacing the cable if the corrosion is excessive.


Iam curious: I worked for GM in 97 is the vehicle your talking about a S-10 pickup?I just never saw a S-Blazer (2 door 4 door) with any engine than the 4.3 V-6.A google search didnt help.Didnt GM offer a 2.6L turbo in the mid-eighties? You have a 97 S-Blazer(the small Blazer) with a 2.6? Is this rare?Not one ever got dispatched to me for anything.I did see the S-10 pickups come with the option of a four cylinder,cant remember what the displacement was.

Opps I am sorry, it is the 4300 vortec 6 cylinder. It has been reliable until recently. I did look at the battery cable and there appears to be no appreciable corrosion. I will tighten the connections.