1987 Chevy Blazer Stall/Restart Issue

I have an '87 Chevy S-10 Blazer 4x4 Tahoe, with the 2.6 Liter, 6 cylinder engine with the fuel-injected carburetor.

A new problem just cropped up. It will start and run fine, (though the idle seems a little thready), but, if I were to turn the wheels sharply to either side while either at a stop with the transmission in drive, or at a stop with the transmission in park, the engine will abruptly stall. Die completely - no warning whatsoever. If I crank the engine immediately after the stall, it will crank VERY slowly and not start. If I wait a few seconds - 30 or less - it will crank slightly faster - enough to start. Once started it will run normally, though it will stall if the wheels are cranked over hard again. Occasionally, it will stall when stopped and put into park.

I took the car to the auto parts store and had the alternator and the battery checked - both are fine. I checked the main electrical ground at the battery - again, fine. I was unable to locate the ground for the engine or the starter.

My work-around was to add a shim to the throttle tang on the carburetor to make the engine idle faster. This is not an ideal solution as it adds more wear to the engine and brakes, and uses more gas. It is also no guarantee that the vehicle will not stall in a hard turn.

This vehicle is a beater. It has an internal coolant leak, a frozen bearing in the engine, a brake fluid leak, and hard-shifting at the lower end of the gear range and reverse. But I can’t afford a new vehicle now with winter coming. Anyone have any ideas where to look for a relatively quick and cheap fix? I have a good mechanical background and am willing to work, but where to start?

Thank you so much!!!

Clean the Idle Air Control pintle, orfice, and passages.

Hey, thanks!

Unfortunately, the transmission failed and I’ve bought a new truck. Anyone in the market for an '87 chevy blazer with a frozen bearing in the engine, an internal coolant leak, a brake-fluid leak, dragging front calipers, a broken 4-wheel drive transmission, a transmission that won’t shift out of first gear and dirty idle air control pintle, orifice and passages? :stuck_out_tongue:

I have heard of spun bearings but never frozen engine bearings,any guess what bearing is frozen?

Frozen typically means seized. Seized means no movement. Seized bearings go nowhere.

In a normal bearing, the bearings themselves rotate in a cup filled with grease. In a frozen bearing, the bearings themselves have seized and no longer turn. When the bearings don’t turn, they have no choice but to turn into little, tiny, pieces of metal when other parts grind against them.

Frozen bearing in the engine. Goes “Tappita, tappita, tappita” with every revolution. :frowning: Ah, well, moot point.