96 thunderbird revs up to 2000 rpm when started

I replaced the idle air control valve on my 96 thunderbird with the 4.6 v8 and now when I start it up it revs to 2100 rpm before going to idle instead of a normal 1500rpm. I’ve checked for vaccum leaks and leaks around the idle air control valve gasket with starter fluid and found nothing. Does the computer just have to relearn the idle air control valve? Will it get better? Here’s a video of my car showing what I’m talking about https://youtube.com/shorts/LO5pNW-TH4M?feature=share

Possibly, I think on that era instruction, after a battery disconnect is to let the vehicle idle after startup to relearn settings.
I would try that, disconnect battery for a few minutes, restart and let it idle for several minute. May not help, but wouldn’t hurt.

How did it rev with old iac?

Around 1500 rpm when cold started

It does not have extended pintle to adjust like a gm. But it may have a relearn procedure.

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Alright I’ve been trying to find a relearn procedure but I’m unsure every one I see is different. I’m not sure what the best way to do the relearn procedure is.

I’m gonna start with disconnecting the battery for 30 minutes then starting it up and letting it idle for 7 minutes.



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Thanks man I’ll be sure to do that today.

Did you say what rpm motor settles into when warm?
I know question is about initial cold start though.

Yea after first start it settles to 800-900rpm. And when up to operating temp it idles about 750-800