1995 Toyota Camry V6 IACV (Idle Air control valve) 170000mile


The cold Idle speed is 2000rpm to 2200rpm.

After about 2 minutes in cold weather the rpm then decreases slowly to about 1600 to 1800rpm. On other camrys the max. idle speed is about 1200rpm.

In cold weather I wait two minutes till the rpm is about 1800 before selecting reverse gear.

Any help or suggestions is appreciated.


There is no bang or clunck or jar. It just seems to slip easily into gear.

Question: Will droping into reverse gear at 2000rpm cause progressive dammage to transmission? There is no bang or jerk even at 2000rpm.

Dealership could not correct this problem six years ago.


You need to take it to an independent shop. There are several things which will cause high idle. Examples: idle air control valve (iac) opened too much by the engine computer, or stuck open. When the engine is hot, disconnect the iac electrical connector. Start the engine. Results?
Remove the iac. Is the iac pintle fully retracted? If it is, you might replace the iac.
Vacuum leaks can cause high idle. Vacuum can be measured with a vacuum gauge. The expected values are in the repair manual. Vacuum leaks can occur from the pcv valve, any vacuum hoses, leaking brake power booster, split intake tube, mating surfaces of intake manifold, stuck open EGR valve, stuck open charcoal canister purge valve.


If it has not been done in a while, have the throttle body cleaned with emphasis on the IAC passage. Also check or replace the ECT sensor because it could be sending erroneous signel to the computer. This usually cures this sort of problem.