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96 taurus drive axle removal

Trying to remove the passenger side driveaxle. I have everything disconnected (axle from hub, balljoint stud from control arm, etc). I am just trying to pry the axle itself away from the transmission. It comes out about 3/4 inch, but then it comes no further no matter how hard I pry. It feels like there is some kind of retainer clip in there, but I am unable to expose it. Strange, because the one on my identical 97 Taurus came right out. Any ideas?

They sometimes get aggravating. Sometimes pushing them in and then yanking them out past the snap ring works. I have cut the boot off the inner joint, pulled the tripod out of the tulip, gripped the tulip with locking pliers and while pulling on the pliers tap outward on the beak of the pliers. If all else fails McParts may have a slide hammer contraption that will always get them out.

I once got one of these:

from the free loaner tool programs at one of those auto parts stores (Advance or Autozone, can’t recall). There’s a slide hammer kit and then an separate extra attachment you get for the halfshafts - basically a slotted C end that slides over the end of the inner housing and then you slam it out w/ the slide hammer. As it turns out, mine came out without trouble so I didn’t actually use it, but that is what its built for.

Here’s what the adapter for the half shaft looks like:!

My apologies, I try to post back right away, but this one slipped through the cracks. I pried on the inner housing with a pickle fork, and it popped out after a few minutes of grunting and groaning.