96 Tacoma front fender liners

I recently purchased 96 Toyota Tacoma 108 K miles. I discovered that it is totally missing all the front fender liners on both sides. Does anyone have info as to the number of parts needed for each side. No need to include the clips because they are bought by the 10 pack. Maybe how many 10 packs.

I would look on Rockauto.com

Check out the diagrams on Olathe Toyota or others similar.


You aren’t going to be happy, depending on whats there. Looks like the liner for about $80, then the apron for about $400 if its not there, and then theres a mud flap. Looks like some parts are not available so I think you best bet is a junk yard or a Upull yard. Otherwise you’ll spend a thousand bucks trying to get all the parts if the guy took everything off for big wheels or something.