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'96 T&C 3.8 liter stalling problem

Odd problem since it only happens within the first 10 miles or so of driving. Weather and temperature don’t seem to be factors, just time and distance. The engine will simply shut off although it sometimes restarts without having to put it in neutral and turning the key although sometimes I have to pull off, put it in park and try to restart it then. It usually restarts right away but sometimes needs to sit a minute.

I’ve replaced the TPS, IAC, O2, MAP, and EGR valve. The only code that was set was from the EGR valve and that was recent.

Anyone else suffer from this and find a solution?

I doubt there is a problem with any component since it seems from what you are saying the car runs ok after you restart it. I would check for a power connection problem somewhere. Possibly the the ignition or fuel pump areas. I suppose the fuel pump relay should be checked also.

Only question is that if it were a connection problem why doesn’t it continue to be a problem after the first 10 miles or so? Once it goes through the stalling interval I can drive it all day long without it stalling or acting up.