'96 Stratus keeps blowing fuse #20

I have a '96 Dodge Stratus that keeps blowing fuse #20, which is for the fuel pump and the ignition. Any ideas on how to isolate the problem? This happens as soon as the key is turned on. The car has 140,000 miles and runs excellent otherwise.Thank you.

I would start by disconnecting the electric fuel pump. If the fuel pump does not blow the fuse then the problem is probably in the ignition system. You can then start checking the ignition system and the wiring harness. How does the car run excellent if the fuse for the fuel pump and ignition system is blown?

See if you can locate the fuel pump relay and remove it. Will the fuse “hold” then? If so, you know the problem is in the fuel pump circuit…The next step is to locate the wiring connector for the pump back near the fuel tank, and open that connection, replace the relay, and see if the fuse still holds…If it does, you will have to drop the tank to troubleshoot further…

There are 19 fuses in the under hood fuse box. I believe you are looking at fuse #8 (Ign/fuel/starter) 20 AMP.
If the fuse blows when you turn the ignition to the run position you may have a fuel pump problem. More common is for this fuse to blow when the ignition is turned to the crank position, exessive amperage draw from the starter solenoid will blow the fuse. Disconnect the wire from the starter solenoid and see if the fuse blows when turning the ignition switch in each position.