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'96 Plymouth Neon: Having Trouble Starting

On August 29th I had some maintenance done on my car. This included an oil change, alignment, and a new tire. Tuesday night I drove home from a friend’s house and noticed my car was idling funny. When I got to my drive way it died on me. After a few swears of frustration (like 20 mins worth) I checked my oil and noticed it was extremely low, almost completely empty… and it would not start. After my car cooled down a bit more, I put in a quart of oil and it started. The next day I called the place where I had the maintenance done and the manager was very apologetic and told me to drive it over there and he’d check it out. I put 3 more quarts of oil and drove. The weird idling was still going on, but by the time I had arrived at the shop it was back to normal.

When the manager tried to turn on my car to drive it into the garage it would not start. After some diagnostics I was told I needed to have my ignition switch replaced, which I paid for them to do.

(Turns out my car had an oil leak and since they used some super thin oil… forgot what grade… it leaked a lot quicker than it has been with the good ol’ 10w-40 I use. Sorry for all that back story, but I wanted to include all the drama my car has been giving me in case it is important to my current situation.)

I had the ignition switch replaced on Wednesday (09/02). I flew out of town for the holiday weekend on Friday (09/04). My car was parked until yesterday (09/09). Today when I started my car to get to work it took a few times for it to start. I got to work okay, but when I left on my lunch break, it took even longer to start. When I drove back to work from my lunch, it took a while as well.

I am still at work, and I hope it starts when I am off. :confused:

Before the ignition switch died it wasn’t starting right away, as well. I didn’t think anything of it until it failed to start completely.

Could my ignition switch be failing again? Is it just faulty wiring? I don’t want to spend another $150 getting it replaced again a week later.