96 jimmy issue


Recently had the radiator replaced in my jimmy which has led to another problem. When the engine is cold and I put it in reverse there is a clicking type noise from the radiator area/front end. Seems to only do it in reverse and when the vehicle is cold. Not sure if this is related to having the radiator changed, maybe they messed something up, or if it’s just a hell of a coincidence. Wondering if anyone has any ideas?

I understand most people would take it back to the shop and have them look at it, and I will, just doing a little research on my own till then. Thanks

One really has to isolate the sound, could you locate the sound better having someone put it into reverse while you listen and try to pinpoint a location without endangering body parts? Fan and radiator shroud, middle being trans etc.

Possibly. Sounds like it’s coming from the radiator area but like you said, needs to be further isolated. Probably have to just take it back to the shop. Hoping for something simple. Frustrating that a fix always seems to lead to another problem.

Best hope is for a fan blade hitting the shroud, hoping it is a minor adjustment. If you own an old house like me, one little fix, often turns into more than one simple fix.