Loud humming noise after driving long distance

Hello Guys,

I had my transmission replaced with a rebuilt tranny and the radiator brand new a few months back. The car runs but sadly the car still pulls but I cope with the fact that the car gets me from A to B. Also, I noticed that after this “repair” that my AC stopped blowing cold air.

So here’s a scenario: I made a long drive (30-1 hour) to pick up my brother from work. I parked and turned off the car. 3 minutes later, turned on the car to leave and noticed a loud, fan-like noise coming from the front end of the car that would last about 10 seconds before seizing. No other issues driving after that, simply the car pulling as usual.

This is the noise that it makes. Can anyone help me decipher this? I am desperate and tired of putting money into this car.

Just guessing, but sounds like the radiator fan.
Ask the transmission shop about yo AC though, if working when you initially took it in, they might have left something disconnected.

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If its the radiator fan, would the noise be because its broken or because of the new radiator? Its a brand new Koyorad. And yes ill ask about the AC! Thank you

Sounds like a rad fan to me as well. In addition to something being disconnected, I would wonder if the shop evacuated your AC lines (sometimes that can happen by mistake if you bang into stuff when you’re pulling the radiator out - the clearances are really tight). They might have busted a refrigerant line and not realized it.

If it’s the radiator fan, that should be easy to determine. Open the hood and listen while someone else starts the car. If it isn’t the fan, maybe you can locate the noise better with the hood up.