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96 jeep grand cherokee

i have a 96 jeep grand cherokee limited 4x4 with the v8 i took it off roading a few days ago and it was doing great until i felt like going home the brake would slow me down kinda but wouldnt stop and it started making a clicking sound from the front passenger side tire area when i hit the the brake but went away when i step on the gas so i had it towed home then i checked everything out got it to stop but the clicking is still there i have new brake pads on it so any ideas

Have you checked the level of fluid in your brake reservoir? The problem might be a broken front brake line, and the clicking could just be the line knocking against something as it moves.

One small suggestion. Don’t try off-roading with that vehicle, it isn’t built for it. You might have been in water or mud and most brakes don’t work well right away. You might have something in your wheel covers. Check your lug nuts.

The '96 Grand Cherokee is perfectly set up for off-roading. Who told you it isn’t? They are actually quite good, and have excellent articulation stock. There are several folks who regularly use these off-road (I’m one of them). The 5.2L V8 is the preferred engine due to its torque.

i took it off roading … it started making a clicking sound

Check the vacuum.  I suspect you may have damaged or knocked off a vacuum hose.