96 Jeep Grand Cherokee 6cyl. 2X4 Intermittantly Cuts off


Still having trouble.

I have changed Cam and Crank sensors and coil, replaced TPS. Checked the Idle Air Control Valve…checked out fine. tested MAP sensor…no issues there. It will cut off sitting at a light. Foot off gas. It cranks right back up and it doesn’t do it every time you stop.

No codes showing up on the pocket tester. I have swapped the relays previously suggested…it has helped to do that…even swapped with another relay with same part number but it will still cut out every so often. Idle speed is in the 800 range with A/C on does not change much with A/c off. Idle goes up when you start it and comes back down to normal. Everything seems to be as it should…it just cuts out intermittently.


Well it looks like we finally have a fix. I noticed that 5 of the other relays are the same relay part number as the horn relay. I switched the ASD relay back with the horn relay and then changed with the A/C clutch relay and all seems to be as it should be. So I went ahead and purchased a new “horn” relay at Autozone and gave my wife her Jeep back.