96 Jeep Grand Cherokee 6cyl. 2X4 Intermittantly Cuts off



I have change Cam and Crank sensors and coil…after getting codes. Jeep still cuts off at random times. Could drive it all day w/o a problem and next day it cuts off after going only a few miles. Heat-cold not an issue. It seems to not be getting fuel sometimes. But it will usually crank back up within a couple min. or less. Sometimes it cranks right back up and runs fine the rest of the trip…long or short. It will cut off at a light or just driving down a road.


I did clean throttle body a few weeks ago…it was black, was running much better after that but started cutting off again this week and then I got the Codes starting to show up.


Don’t try this because it might work: swap the ASD (Automatic Shut Down) relay with the horn relay.


I have exactly the same problem with my 96 grand cherokee. Replaced the coil (code indicated ignition coil), throttle position sensor, distributor cap and rotor. Result? Nothing. And now the ignition switch is locking up and the starter isn’t… starting. Battery is fine. It’s driving me crazy. I need answers!!!


I would suspect your Crankshaft position sensor. They are known to go bad and cause problems of that nature.
I have replaced the one on my 98, was getting hard to start, then finally it appeared as if the computer died, would turn over but the asd relay would not allow spark…try switching the relays first though.


The fuel pump relay may be causing this trouble so check that out.


A lot of people come here, post their question, and then, don’t respond when someone tries to help them. I (we) need those details that ONLY YOU can provide. The requests for further information ISN’T idle chitchat; but, ESSENTIAL to provide a workable diagnostic procedure and fix. Some of the particulars I (we) need from you are: the circumstances when the problem occurs. When the stall occurs, is your foot of the gas pedal? What indications are showing on the dash? Are there any warning lights or chimes? Does the oil pressure gage go to zero, the “check gages” light, and the chimes sound? === The solution IS in the details.


WHAT are the codes?


Oh how I know how important details are. This is a fun one. Answer is All the above!. Shuts off coming to a stop, driving down the road. Sitting in the driveway. Check gauges light does come on at times…not always. guages are fine…no oil spike or drop. Fuel level fine. No chime. Did notice several times the Date and Clock and On board system monitor…door agar. resets and flashes. I have had to reset the date and time twice…even when I know I did not disconnect the battery. So is the auto shut down relay malfunctioning…beginning to figure this out…I have replaced all but the MAP sensor…Cam, crank position sensors. TPS was off a little so replaced it. New coil was bad…put old one back on and car cranked up…still had a skip…crack in old coil. Got another new coil…car cranked up but it still cut out after a few minutes of running. Some times is cuts out with a lurch and a gasp. other times it just quits…most of the time it will crank back up fine. Other times it is real hard to get running again. Plugs were changes months ago. New cap and rotor…have not changed plug wires…yet!


P0351 is the only one I get now. Did get Crank code and Cam sensor when I started all of this. I did get 113 today…IAT sensor 1 High input and T/B Temp High…but I had pulled both elect. connectors when Eng was idling. I had cleared all codes and drove about 2 blocks when it died again…then I got the 351 and the 113 code. Cleared and nothing now but it still cuts out.


Thanks…that is the next item on my list today. I will keep checking back. Thanks for everyones help.
I think Jeep has some recall issues. I did get the one about the catylitic converter/PCM issue but have not taken it in for that yet…cat/conv. does not leak or rattle.


I’ll try it. It is what I keep saying…seems like some signal is telling the eng to shut down. Even took the key fob off and pulled the batteries in it. ???


Nope…didn’t help! but thanks!


OH< WAIT>>>I MAY HAVE SPOKEN TOO QUICKLY. I did swap the two relays…it cut out once on me but it restarted and is running fine now. No codes…just drove it about 8-10 miles and no problems. topped off the fuel tank…now that it seems not to be fuel related. I am going to drive into the office and see what happens. Hat’s off to you. I am going to start visiting this sight much more often. I have been working on cars for over 30 years and thought I had seen it all. Almost got the best of me! Thanks! I’ll come back to this posting in a couple days to report back the progress…if I have more problems or if the problem remains solved.


Try swaping the two relays. In the fuse box by the Battery. It cut off on me one more time but then seems to be running fine now. Love this Jeep…most of the time. But the trans slip in cold weather gets to be a pain and this last electronic mess has been a major pain…but I would buy another one!


hellokit your right on target. Thank You! Every thing appears to be working as it should. No codes and no cutting off at random times. I feel safe to turn it back over to my wife to drive. You would think the relay would show up in a code instead of getting all kinds of false reads! Atleast I can save all the labor expense working on this thing myself, especially if it is going to remain quirky.