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Belt noise?

2006 Caravan, 123,000 miles.

In the past month I have had front and rear brakes and the rack and pinion replaced.

Serpentine belt was replaced when the brakes were, but when I mentioned I was still getting noise under the hood, they replaced it again when replacing rack and pinion.

Not only do I still have the noice, it is becoming more pronounced. I suspect the fan/fan belt (hoping it isn’t bearings).

Noise is between a chirp and little thwack, speeds up with acceleration, slows or disappears with deceleration. It is less likely to make noise after being driven, turned off, driven and turned off a few times, but even that is making less of a difference.


Usually you can spray something on the belt (I usually use Windex or something similar) and if it’s a belt noise the sound will change somewhat.

There’s a lot of stuff spinning around in there, the belt’s the easiest but it’s also the easiest to check.

My first guess would be the belt tension-er pulley,but you don’t have to guess. Use either a mechanics stethoscope or a length of vacuum tubing in one ear and see which pulley is making the noise. Just don’t get any part of you or your clothing caught in the belt or pulleys.