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96 grand am Stater Problem

Put a new starter in. Went to work car died it restarted got it home now not working. Has gas,all fluids,lights go on dim, the wind wipers are slow. It is making a clicking sound. The only thing wrong with the car was the starter now everything went wrong. Could the stater been put in wrong? or something wrong with the starter? did putting the starter in blow the alternor? Friend checked with a auto scan and the scanner could not scan. the car turn the scanner off.

The trouble is most likely due to corrodid battery connections. I suggest you clean the battery connections using a battery post cleaning brush or small wire brush. If the trouble doesn’t clear then you need to make sure the battery has a good charge on it. It may be a good idea to also have the charging system load tested to see how well that is working.

thank you! The battery is clean and connected.

Have the wire connections for the posts been cleaned? Even if they look ok corrosion can be a problem.

yes the posts have been cleaned.
i think the starter was put in and a wire hit something and it blow the alternator, but I can not get anyone to check my theory out so I am looking for other answers. actually could this be possible is more of what i am asking.