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96 Geo Metro Ignition issue

My 96 Metro for some reason is popping the 15 amp ignition fuse randomly. First time it happened I disconnected the alternator and replaced the fuse and it got me home. Pulled the alternator and had it tested and it tested fine. Put it back in and everything worked for about a month. It popped the fuse again while driving down the road. I disconnected the alternator again but this time the fuse still blew. I disconnected the coil replaced the fuse turned on the key and the fuse did not pop. I reconnected everything and it worked fine. Hasn’t repeated itself in a week. Any ideas. I think there is a short somewhere. Just can’t find it.

What are you using for a service manual and as a source for TSB’s? A good service manual will contain a schematic. I consider a schematic (and the use of the schematic) to be good steps in figuring out electrical problems.