86 Ford Ranger stalls

Truck will run fine then stall. Connection good, replaced fuel filter, plugs and wires good. Have started it after doing each of these things only to have it stall later. No idea what is wrong. HELP.

I have a 93 explorer that all of a sudden ran like crap until I unplugged the mass air flow sensor. Once unplugged it ran fine but my gas mileage sucked. I replaced the mas air flow sensor, plug the wireing harness back in and I have had no other problems since then. I don’t know where your mas air flow ensor is on your Ranger or if an 86 even had one (I bet it does). BUT that has to be the problem. It runs good for several seconds, and then the idle goes way down - almost to the point of stalling out, right?

Your vehicle is one that has been inflicted with this:

The symptoms can vary but generally resemble running out of gas and may be worse in hot weather. This is a very common problem with the TFI-IV modules.
If you change the module you MUST use the special electrolytic grease that comes with the new module or it will soon fail.

The best option if you want to spend the time is to install the module somewhere else; preferably in the airflow because heat is what kills them. These modules can get blistering hot in just a few seconds even on a cold, non-running engine.
On one of my cars I mounted the module on an aluminum heat sink and placed it inside the air cleaner housing. This provides a constant flow of cool incoming air and I never suffered any problems after that.
The wire pigtail will have to be extended of course and self locking nuts should be used when mounting the module to prevent one coming loose and getting ingested into the engine by some freak chance.
Hope that helps.

(Should have added that it’s too late for you to get in on this class action settlement).