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92 Ford Probe that nearly stalls when cold and then is fine after it warms up

I have a 92 Ford Probe GL with 2.2L engine. Recently after starting it runs and before water temp comes up it will nearly stall when coming to a stop. Soon after the near stall it warms up and runs fine. Wondering what could cause this problem?

No check engine light? Does it run fine with just a tiny bit of throttle opening? Possibly the idle air control valve.

No check engine light. Yes with the throttle open it improves. I have since put a can of fuel injector cleaner in the tank and sprayed carb choke cleaner into the air intake and the problem has subsided must have been some gunk in there.

The problem might be with the coolant temp sensor for the computer. If this sensor is telling the computer the engine is at operating temperature when the engine is cold, the engine will run too lean for the cold startup and could cause stalling. Once the engine reaches operating temperature, it’s at the proper condition for the defective coolant temp sensor signal and the engine runs normally.


I think you are on to something here when I look at the inlet side of there appear to be four different sensors here two in the front and two further back on the block…Which one is the coolant temp sensor?

if you have not resolved the issue, i had the same exact problem with my 94 probe. it was the idle air control going bad. replace that and you’re fine.