96 FORD F150 4x4

i can’t get this screen to clear properly either and typing my message is difficult at best. to sum up his inquiry: my 96 ford f150 4x4 th problem is with the front drivshaft it does not turn even when the 4x4 is not engaged. the 4x4 works and engages and disenegages prperlybut when it is not in 4wd the front driveshaft does not spin freely… does anyone in the comunity have information to shrare with my? thank you

The front drive shaft is connected to the front axle gears. It alone does not spin freely. When the hubs are unlocked…the drive shaft and axle gears just sit there. The wheels spin freely and the T/C is disengaged inside.

With the hubs locked and t/c in 4x2…if you spin a tire, does the front driveshaft spin too ?