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96 Eldorado Service Transmission

I have a 96 Eldorado,4.6, with 113K. My dash reads , servbice transmission. My code reader reads tork converter or CKT stuck off. The Cadillac mechanic said it would cost $800. to do a partial rebuilt. He showed me a plastic ring about 11/4" in diameter that came from a tranny he fixed and said that this is the part that’s bad. The symtopms are, after the message appears, I notice after I restart the car, the message is gone. The car is just fine for anyway from ten minutes to the next day or a month or 6months, city or highway driving, it makes no differance, before it happens again. So now, whenever the message comes on I just pull over, shut the ignition and restart the car and the message is gone. I have been doing this for three years now. I’ M wondering if it could be an electical switch, or part in the tranny that is sticking and that when I restart every thing recycles? Why spend $800., if I can prolong the pain? Is there A part that I might be able to replace myself. I am a grease monkey.

Grease Monky

tcc stuck off is an internally problem with the trans and is only set when driving in hi gear - service trans light is just a reminder to change the fluid - just reset the light sort of like the oil life monitor - trans would have to come out to repair the tcc problem