96 Dodge ram/Wont go into Park and cant get the key out of ignition

I know the not going into park and key wont come out are related but not sure what to do about it.
96 Dodge Ram V-10 I was told about 120000 miles i havent looked

Any advice in this matter would be greatly appreciated

Automatic Transmission

There will be a cable or rod that moves the shift lever on the side of the transmission. Check to see that no rocks or debris has gotten behind that lever and jammed it. If it has a floor shifter, see if anything has somehow dropped down into the shift mechanism and jammed it…

Ahh. Thank You Very Kindly

I’d bet that the shift linkage has slipped or as Caddyman suggests, is bent or something is jammed in it.

Yeah Cad man has a good point… The other thing that can happen…is if this is a column shift which I think it may be… the linkage can become maladjusted preventing you from returning the shifter to its “home” position and thus preventing the key from being removed. Look into the linkage and the shift arm on the tranny…something is awry there…

The linkage can be adjusted?

I am almost sure it can be adjusted.