96 Dodge Grand Caravan Running Rough

My dodge is idleing very rough. I took it to the garage they put it on their computer and told me it was an EGR valve. I replaced the valve. I have replaced 3 of the 6 plugs, the bottom 3 are a bugger. It is running worse then it was before. A “mechanic” at Wal-Mart told my wife it was the ethanol. It idles very rough at a stop and in reverse. Any suggestions??

Since you describe 3 of the plugs as being “a bugger”, I assume you have the 3.3L or 3.8L engine. The “easiest” way to get to those rear plugs is from underneath, in my experience. That’s the first step. Change the spark plug wires also.

Did the garage replace the EGR valve or did you do it yourself? If the pintle in the EGR valve doesn’t close completely, rough idling will result. You may wish to take the van to AutoZone or the like for a free scan for error codes.

it is a 3.3 v6. When I have time I plan on replacing the bottom 3 plugs. I have thought of taking off the EGR valvle and re-installing it just to see if there was anything out of whack.

The rough running again only takes place at idle, and only does it every so often. Any ideas???

Did you also replace the vacuum modulator when you replaced the EGR valve?