96 Civic starting problems after changing Thermosts



I changed my thermostat and my car would not start for a few days.

I finally put a charger on the battery last night and really cranked it, and it finally started, but not before making a clicking sound that seemed to come from the front-passenger wheel-well and then a humming from the back.

FF to this morning some of the same, but I was able to drive it to work (~10 miles) with nothing unusual happening.

Tried to restart it in the parking lot right after turning it off, with no luck.

I just went out at lunch with no start too.

The last two times I did not hear the clicking or whirring sounds.

Any ideas?




Ever change the battery on your Civic? Sounds to me like a battery going bad. Wouldn’t be a bad idea to clean up the terminals and connections you can get at (battery/starter/etc.) while you’re changing the battery. The front passenger wheel-well area is where the starter motor is . . . which would make sense as the battery is not sending enough current to the starter to engage it completely and it is clicking. The humming from the back of the car is probably the fuel pump. I would vote for a new battery and cleaning of the connections you can get to. Rocketman


Have the battery and the charging system tested. Many auto parts stores will do this free.

Did you disconnect the battery while replacing the thermostat? If so, the connections may be loose. Make sure they’re clean and tight.


The power seems OK, as in it was cranking fine, until I changed the thermostat, then I wore down the battery trying to start it.
I changed the battery ~3 years ago, but I can do it again.
I guess that is what makes you guys the experts.



There may not be a battery problem. Get the car jump-started, and take it to an auto parts store for a curbside battery and alternator test (free). The problem might be in electrical connections (battery, grounds, alternator, etc.), or switches. In short, you need a mechanic.


Yeah, There is something screwey with the electrical system.
Jump-stsrted it last night and took it to an Auto-store and had the battery changed (did not see last post).
It started easily and I was driving home happy as a clam…
Until it died on the interstate, it just stopped running.
Pulled over, tried calling for help and then tried starting it again and it started right up.
Drove the remaining three miles home with no issues.
Today, it started to make that whirring sound again.
Mr Mechanic is going to get a new pair of shoes it seems.
Thanks again, swademan.