96 Buick Century rear brakes sticking

I have to bring my car in, but want to know a little about what I’m talking about to describe what I want them to do. My brake light is on and the rear brakes (driver side especially) seem to not want to let go completely when I disengage the brake pedal. I know there is something in there that can be manually adjusted, some star thingy…what do you guys think I should say to repair guy?

Well, the star thingy certainly isn’t it. It is the automatic adjuster and if it malfunctions this would create the opposite of sticking brakes - a brake that won’t fully apply.

A good possibility is just a parking brake mechanism that won’t fully release due to corrosion or whatever. Flexible brake line problems are also a possibility (internal breakdown that doesn’t allow the pressure to release).

Your best defense is just going to be taking it to someone you can trust - a local shop with a known good reputation. Avoid the auto repair chain shops, even if they specialize in brakes. Just a reputable, local shop. Someone will have to tear it down and inspect.

Yeah, I did some research and found you’re right with the star thingy :slight_smile:

Whatever it is, I’m hoping not too expensive. I can’t find anything online to tell me whether my car has drum or disc brakes in the rear. Wouldn’t it seem that a specific year and model would be one way or the other?

I’m bringing it in on Friday to a guy that fixed my front brakes a while back. Seemed like a good guy, good reviews on this site too. Crossing fingers.

In some years/models you could end up with either drum or disc in the rear.

It should be easy to figure out though varying a little depending on what kind of wheels you have on there. Take a flashlight and go to the front wheels - look through whatever holes the wheels give you to look through. Find the shiny looking metal back there - that’s the “disc” (brake rotor). Its going to be the only shiny thing behind the wheel.

No go look at the rear wheel. Do you see a shiny thing back there (disc brakes) or just a dirty, rusty looking thing (drum)?

There are few brake problems at the wheel that are all that expensive.