96 blazer won't start

Why will the 96 Blazer not start in the rain?
replaced almost all electric components from key cylinder to plugs. It is grounded somewhere when wet. Any thoughts??

From the other thread.

"Replaced, key cylinder,battery,ignition switch,rotor, cap,spark plugs,ignition coil (on coil),coil, coolant temp sensor. And the problem persist. "

If this is correct, then the spark plug wires have not been replaced? If not here is a way to check the wires with a spray bottle of soapy water.


Ed B.

Have you at least verified that you are lacking spark? Wet weather and starting/running issues are almost always spark related. As such, I’d also like to know about the wires. However, at this point it wouldn’t hurt for you to verify that a lack of spark is your issue.

I will check wires and spark today. Thought that since it would do a shudder start when I turned the key off that it was getting spark, so I will recheck Thanks