2000 Blazer HATES damp weather

So I have a blazer and no matter how cold it is, it starts just fine, as long as it is DRY out. If it is damp, foggy, rainy etc. It doesn’t want to start. I had it diagnosed and had the wires replaced, some coil thingy, some distributor cap thingy. I’m thinking it might be the spark plugs? Any ideas?

Check the invoice for the repair and list all the “thingies” that were replaced. And just how cold is it there on a really cold morning?

I have a 2000 Blazer (117k) with the original wires and distributor. The spark plugs were replaced at 77k miles. Never had a problem starting in damp weather. The wires and distributor cap and rotor would have been the first things I would have replaced in your case though.

I don’t know if it will fix the problem, but I would change the plugs regardless. The job is a little pricey, my mechanic charged $200, including $12 per plug. I usually change the plugs on my cars, but there is no room under the hood under the Blazer.

Does the starter turn the engine over, but the engine won’t start describe your problem?

Ed B

As Rod Knox requested, some more detail about the “thingies” would really help people respond in a more helpful way.

In case you’re wondering, as Ed B implied, these ignition components are typically the culprit with moisture related problems.

If those don’t get you anywhere another thing to have checked/cleaned is the connection/wiring for the crankshaft position sensor (CkPS).

It has seemed that replacing the plugs, wires, cap and rotor whenever there is any secondary ignition problem is the best method. metalaura didn’t mention the rotor and that could be the cause of her problem. And there is the possibility that the shop left the grounding strap off the coil. If a new coil and cap are installed and a new strap was not included with the coil it may have been assembled without one and all kinds of problems could occur.