96 Aspire...Rear Driver wheel--sticks and makes noise while driving


Can anyone give me an educated guess as to what might make a tire stick?? I have had it repaired and the mech found nothing. The wheel will actually not turn if it sits for more than two days…I drive it regularly, so it does not sit long enough to cement itself in, but it does seem like something is pressing on it- not just in one area. It makes a slight grinding noise. thanks for the info.


This could be attributable to only two possibilities–either a bad bearing on that wheel or a sticking brake shoe on that wheel. A consistently sticking brake shoe can lead to loss of braking power, due to overheating of the brake linings and the brake fluid. That is not a good situation. If a wheel bearing seizes up at high speed, that situation could be even more dangerous.

This car is not safe to drive in its current condition, and it should be towed to a competent mechanic–i.e.–someone other than your present mechanic.