95s-10 problem with computer?



95 S-10 with 73K have a question about intermittent anti-lock brake light. When dash anti-lock light comes the heating and air conditioning systems do not work. Dealer service man has said that the anti-lock brakes are not functional when light is on but braking system still does work (thankfully!). Dealer says that they cannot get any info (no codes) from computer because of the age of the computer. In summer lack of heat and A/C not a problem but come winter no anti-lock brakes and no heat BIG PROBLEM. Any suggestions other than donating truck and/or ???


There may be a intermittent power power causing this trouble. I recommend you invest in a service manual and a test light probe to try and see where these systems are tied together. They appear to have a common power source. A bad relay may be involved. Check out Ebay for used manuals and new ones. Having those items will save you time and money in service bills.


no heat either bad thermostat or bad heater core.no abs in winter wheel speed sensors are probably getting dirty and not reading right.