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'95 windstar i luvit

its got 160k and all it needs is struts what i wanna know is am i just lucky or are the 95’s not as bad as the newer ones i need this info so i will know whether to expect some typical problem and whether to spend a big fix-it bill shud it need one or just toss it and get smethin else—thanks in advance

My best advice would be to have the Winstar checked out completely by a good mechanic.
Here is a list of the 95 Windstar TSB’s that may help you out:

Recall 01I007000: Front Coil Spring Corrosion NHTSA01I00700007/12/2001
Recall - Front Springs Failure 01M0306/01/2001
Recall - Airbag Deactivation Shunt Replacement 00B3303/01/2000
Recall - Hood Separation Inspection/Repair 97S8811/01/1997
Recall - Passenger Side Air Bag Inspection 95S0603/01/1995
Recall 95E006002: Passenger Side Airbag Cracked NHTSA95E00600202/17/1995
Recall - Instrument Wiring Harness Shield Installation 94S9801/01/1995