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1996 Ford Windstar gl

Im interested in buying this van, cost is 1900 bucks…I work 22 miles round trip, this van has 92000 miles on it. Is it worth buying? Thanks, Paul

Offer $1000 and then be prepared to spend $900 in the near future on repairs and maintenance. If you are looking for a commuter vehicle I’d avoid a minivan and maybe go with a 4 cylinder economy Toyota or Honda.

Do you know the history of this Windstar? Are you purchasing it from the former owner or is this being purchased from a dealer?

In the “under $2000” price range you are buying a disposable vehicle. You can’t be choosey about the make. The more you know about a vehicle in this price range, the better off you are.

Determine if it is worth buying by having a vehicle inspection done. Sure you may need new tires, sure you might need new brakes, but for the money spent you will find if the transmission is shot, cylinder compression is bad, the front end needs major repairs or the heater core is leaking. If you can do those repairs, or consider them in the cost of purchase, sure!

I’d offer them half that.

This link may or may not help you:

Ford Windstars didn’t have the best reputation for reliability at least as shown in the frequency of repair in Consumer Reports magazine. However, this vehicle is almost 15 years old and at this point, the condition of the vehicle is much more importatnt than the age. I had a 2000 Ford Windstar and didn’t have major problems, but I am strict about maintenance.

the windstar is from a dealer…do i still have 30 days to return it if i dont like it, or do i have to prove car is reliable? or not…going to test drive it Tuesday…thanks for your help everyone

Is this a franchised new car dealer? Most new car dealers send older cars to an auction. If the new car dealer has it on his lot, it may be o.k. A strictly used car dealer is iffy. If it is a used car dealer, check to see how long the dealer has been in business. There are some very good used car dealerships–we have one in our community that has been around and in the same family since the 1920’s. There are others that don’t last a year. Shop the dealer as carefully as you shop for the car and by all means have a good mechanic evaluate the car.