95 Taurus p steering moan

95 ford Taurus 3.8 v6 auto 85000mi

Started having a slow p steering leak, dad took it to repair guy we use and he replaced a hose and leak stopped.

He used a name brand synthetic fluid and ever so often it would groan when wheel was turned, no pattern and not all the time.

We took it back and he changed fluid again and it still does it.

Any help?

After talking to dad some more he said it makes groaning all the time since hose replacement, Ideas?

There is a P.S. fluid reservoir that supplies the pump. In the bottom of this tank is a fine filter screen. When this screen becomes clogged (with hose particles?) it starves the pump for fluid and it moans…

The solution is to remove the reservoir tank and clean it out…

That Ford P/S pump is famous for its moaning. An O/E replacement will moan out of the box.

i had a 1977 ford mavervick,that i had for 10 year, and the power steering did the same thing.my machanic said it a ford problem that date back to the model T.

Thanks for replys.
Caddyman do you think it will hurt pump to keep driving like this?