95 Sable burning out starters

I have a 1995 Mercury Sable that has burned out 3 starters in a week. The mechanic keeps saying that it is a bad batch of starters. (He doesn’t know that it’s out again!) It ususally starts no more than 2 or three times before it is dead again. I am assuming that there is short or other bad part but I need to know what direction to point the machanic in. The starter is under warranty otrherwise I would take it to someone else. Any ideas?

It’s quite possible you need to find another mechanic. The odds of getting 3 bad starters are just about non-existent and any diagnosis of a “burned out” starter should be taken with a grain of salt. If this diagnosis was even true (not IMHO) then he’s a mechanic, allegedly, so it’s his responsibiity to determine why this is happening rather than continue to throw starters one after the other.

If the symptom here is that when you turn the key you hear nothing (no click, groan, etc.) then it’s likely you have a problem with the neutral safety switch or the electrical part of the ignition switch - probably the former.