95% of time

my 05 chevy colorado 5 cy starts fine 95% of time. about once month it fails, but if I wait 10 minutes it does start.Why? what can i do?

What issues are you trying to describe. When you say it fails…WHAT is it failing to do…DOes the engine “Turn OVER”…when you turn the key do you hear a click and then nothing?

I am trying to figure out if when it fails… DOes your engine turn over but fail to start? Does it do nothing when you turn the key? Do you hear a click click click when it fails to start?

All important questions and the answer to them greatly affects the solution.


It turns over and sounds normal except doesn’t start. happens about once a month. Waiting the 10 min. is the temporary solution. If I could read the code during that time I could determine the prob. Do you think it would be a good thing to buy a scanner?

Chances Are That The Vehicle’s Security Feature Thinks You Are Trying To Steal Your Own Car. It Goes Into “Lock Down” And Probably Disables The Fuel Injection And/Or Ignition Or Other Items.

Solution ? That’s a subject of great debate.

I’m not sure a code reader/scanner would help you, unless you get a more expensive unit that can read “body” codes, as well as “powertrain” codes, but I could be incorrect.


In this instance I think you may be having a fuel related issue…Either it is the fuel pump relay not making good connection…and turning on your fuel pump… Could be a fuel filter not flowing properly…could be the check valve in your fuel rail leaking out fuel pressure and or holding fuel in the rail properly…could be the fuel pressure regulator.

There are many ways to test my theories…but you need to know what you are doing and have a good set of tools handy. If I or the other guys were there onsite we could probably figure this out in a jiffy…hard to do online like this as there are many clues when you are actually onsite…

But I am suspecting a fuel related failure in your case… I could be wrong but like I said if onsite I would rule out many of my theories in seconds and move to the next very rapidly…

I’d be interested in finding out if there are any specific set of circumstances wherein this occurs. It would also be a good idea to see if the ECU has stored any codes.