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95 Nissan Sentra Won't Start

So my car has been starting just fine all winter, until Monday, when I naturally had to pick up my brother from the airport. It turns over (rrr-rrrr-rrrrrr) but that’s as far as it gets. All the lights seem fine and the battery looks clean, the only thing different lately has been the intense fog we’ve had for the last few days. Any ideas where I should start on this?

Find out if it is spark or fuel.

Spark: buy a spark tester, or an extra spark plug, or pull a plug to use for this. If you don’t have spark then you know to trouble shoot the ignition system.

Fuel: If you turn the key to on (dash lights light up) but not all the way to crank do you hear the fuel pump operate (2-3 second hum)? Spray some starter fluid into the intake, crank it and if it fires, even for a few seconds, then you know to troubleshoot fuel.