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95 monte carlo obd?

My 95 Monte Carlo LS has a obd socket that has only 2 wires going to it. Terminals A and M. I know this not a obd-2 or obd-1 is there a way to read the stored codes? The car was built in Canada if tha makes a difference.

You have the dreaded hybrid OBD system. GM was trying to prepare for the release of OBD-II, but the standard wasn’t ready to implement when the car was built in 1995. So, they used a hybrid OBD that still used the OBD-I codes, but an OBD-II connector. Actron and Equus both have ODB-I code scanners that can read this system with an optional data cable.

In general here in Mexico, when a car or pickup is older than 1996, we can short a pin to ground, and the check engine light will blink out the code when you turn the key to run without starting. Is this model one of the exceptions to that method?

I just did it the other day on an older Ranger. It gave a, I think by memory, a 519 code, which has to do with the power steering pressure switch.

And, also the alternator was bad. The armature was bad. After the alternator was fixed, the other light went out, too.