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95 Honda won't start until it sits for a bit

My daughter has a 95 Honda. It doesn’t matter if it is driven 5 miles or 5 hours. Once you stop and turn the key off, the car has to sit for about 15 minutes before it will start again. No sound or click when the key is turned beforehand. It doesn’t die while driving, but it doesn’t seem to matter how far it is driven. Once it is off - it will not start again. Once it sits, it will start right up! Any suggestions of what it may be? Thanks!

99% probability that it’s a bad main relay. If I knew what kind of Honda it was, I could tell you exactly where to find it and replace it. It’s most likely located behind the dash above the change pocket to the left of the steering wheel.

It is a 95 Honda Accord LX 4 cyl. 4 door. and thank you so much!


Thank you thank you!