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'95 Honda Accord Alignment - Mechanic Rip Off?

Hello all!
I have a 1995 Honda Accord EX with around 200k on it’s odometer. I recently purchased two new tires. Today, I went to have the front end aligned. I was told that the alignment was so out of whack, that I needed to purchase some sort of “Alignment kit” for them to use. That in itself is going to set me back about $300. Something really seems fishy here. I’ve never had to have this done before at all on any of my vehicles. So what’s the deal? Is this guy trying to rip me a new one? Or is this something I really have to purchase? Any and all help is greatly appreciated.
Have a great day.

That’s high for the camber kit, unless that also includes installation. But without it, you’re on your own.

The problem with vehicles this old is that the springs can begin to sag. That throws the camber off, and a kit may be necessary to correct it. Sorry, but the kit is legit.