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1995 GMC 1500 - Won't start

On day, without prior problems, truck cranks but wouldn’t start. Poured a little gas in the carb (fuel injection) and it started. Idled for 10 minutes to build battery back up and turned off. Wouldn’t restart. A few days later, used starting fluid and truck started. Drove it down the road. Ran perfectly for about a mile and suddenly died. Would not restart with or without starting fluid. Replaced the computer and truck started. Turned it off, wouldn’t restart. So far I have replaced the fuel filter and regulator in addition to the computer. I can hear the fuel pump prime when I turn the ignition key on. A/O today, when I spray starting fluid in the carb, it cranks and sounds as if it is going to catch, but won’t. Suggestions?

You have a fuel supply problem. The fuel pump is going bad. Next time it refuses to start, whack the fuel tank with a rubber mallet. Try to start it. If it fires right up, the pump needs to be replaced.

If that trick doesn’t work, post back.