'95 geo metro stick shift transmission fluid

I recently went to jiffy lube to get the transmisson fluid change on my geo metro… 5speed stick shift LSI… I was told they couldn’t do it because the geo metros take a special, expensive transmission fluid they didn’t have… could anyone advise me about this… thanks!!

Well, you just may have dodged a bullet this time, since Jiffy Lube is notorious for putting whatever they have on hand into transmissions, whether or not it is appropriate. You may have found one of the few relatively honest J-Lubes in existence, but I would still advise you to avoid taking your car to one of these places as a result of their general incompetence.

As to the type of fluid that is needed for your transmission, the answer to your question is sitting in your glove compartment. Take out the Owner’s Manual, and you will find the answer to this question. After you find out the exact specification for the fluid, go to a well-reputed independent mechanic and state that you want that type of fluid used in your transmission when the fluid is changed.


vdc pretty much summed up all my thoughts. if you don’t have manual, then call your chevy dealer, they should have the info on the correct type of fluid to use.

OH yeah, Jiffy Lube = use at your own risk. sometimes they are OK. For the typical auto owner they are better than nothing. (and there are some auto owners out there who fall into this category)

But, a trip to a local mechanic is better for your car and your wallet in the long run.

you can develop a relationship at your local mechanic based far more on trust and integrity than the “discount coupons” relationship that jiffy lube fosters. (and you can trust what your local mechanic says about their recomendations for your car (as opposed to jiffy lube’s reccomendations to “upsell” and push unneeded crap on you))

Here are my thoughts on Jiffy Lube and other chains.
Independent mechanic = chef.
Chain mechanic = McDonald’s fry cook.

I would rather change my own oil than let Jiffy Lube do it. Heck, I’d rather take my chances breaking wind when I am suffering from diarrhea than let them fix my car.