'95 Ford Explorer Brakes

Can anyone tell me how to set the rear brake calipers after replacing them on a '95 Explorer? I never replaced Ford calipers before. How much clearance should there be between the pads and the rotors?

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On some rear disc brake vehicles, the parking brake is operated several times to adjust rear disc brakes. And they’ll automatically adjust to the proper position.


you adjust the star wheel so you can just slide the drum on over them.

to tighten them, there are two ways: when you get it all assembled and test drive it, you drive backwards and step on the brakes lightly a couple times. or alternately while driving backwards you tighten the e brake, and either of those snug up the star wheel adjuster.

if you are driving the car on a flat surface, with the radio off, with no outside noise, you can usually hear the click of the ratchet click, click click. as they snug up. (sometimes, not always)

You say “calipers” which disk brakes have. Tester and Cappy208 answered your question, I think, on the assumption, perhaps correct, that the rear brakes are drum type. Tell me, are they drum brakes or disk brakes on the rear of that Explorer?