95 Ford Explorer airbag indicator light staying lit

Hello, our 95 Explorer had an intermittent battery ground cable connection. While removing the ground cable bolt, as the connector was making and breaking connection, normal sparks were produced, nothing out of the ordinary. However when the intermittent ground was fixed I noticed the airbag light was now lit when ever the vehicle is running. I believe a spike was produced which triggered an error in the airbag circuits. I have tried resetting the obc (1) which didnt help. How do I reset the airbag circuit? Thanks in advance.


Airbag computer and codes are pretty much a dealer only item. You will need to take it to a Ford dealer. They will scan the code for the airbag system and reset the light. Pray that the computer is not fried or it could get expensive ($600 or more). If you are VERY lucky you will need to do nothing once the light is off.