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95 Explorer 4WD V6 w/219,000 has AC & pwr wndw prblms

I can’t figure out what is wrong. I recently replaced the AC compressor w/clutch then added new refrigerant. I turned AC to MAX to get it runnig again but no joy. New AC engages but then disengages immediately & it never blows cool air through vents. Also, after i replaced the new AC unit my driver side pwr window will not go up. When i push the power to go up i hear a click like the noise the turn signal makes but no action from the window. All other windows perform normally. All fuses in engine compartment and interior are good. Some background - i replaced the alternator 4 months ago and about 1 yr/10K miles ago my blower will only blow through the floor vents or the defrost vents. I have lost the ability for air to come out the console blowers. Is this an electrical issue or mechanical and is it related to the AC or window?

It’s very difficult to make a guess on problems like this but when you replaced the compressor did you evacuate the system before recharging it? Knowing the high/low pressures and what they are when the problem occurs would also help.

The power window problem would not be related to the A/C. Odds are that the drive gear is stripped out in the motor. I think these use a 2 piece nylon set and over time the nylon ears will give up due to the load placed on them. The gear set can be purchased separately at the parts house but the motor will have to be removed and partially disassembled to inspect the gear set.

No idea on the air blowing out of the floor/def. problem because that could be any one of half a dozen things. Making a wild guess here, I would say it’s a mode control problem or possibly a faulty vacuum pod. I think? some or all of the control doors on this model were operated by vacuum pods and over time age can do the rubber diaphragm in.
Probably not much help there but hope you can glean something out of it.

I had the sysyem evacuated prior to installing the new compressor. The system was successfully recharged but still no luck. I will look into the window probelm you mentioned and the cosole vents also. Thanks for your help.

Good news - things are working as advertised and it turns out i confirmed i’m a moron!

A/C compressor - apparently you need to add oil to a new compressor - oops,r now i know.

Console vents - turns out that tube i broke six months ago and never replaced with this vacuum thingamabobber that when replaced, VOILA air blows out of the cosole vents (cold air if you add oil to the compressor when you replace it!)

Driver side window - too much rust. Door panel was removed the rust cleaned off and area lubed and now all is working properly.

Total cost for mechanic to repair ~$360. Learning i’m a moron and need to pay more attention - Priceless!

Don’t drive like either of the car talk brothers! Thanks for your inputs.