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95 Dodge Neon Check engine light flashing!

My 95 Dodge neon finally got listed for sale, as I’ve moved on to something a little newer, I had no problems with this car it ran, started, drove fine everyday! Then its like the curse of bad luck came!

  1. Bunch of maniacs come to drive cars for sale, that never have money to buy?!? - who knew…
  2. Check engine light turns on after a few drivers
  3. Now after about 10 drives the car does not start for this person today! It makes a rapid clicking noise, call autoshop they say battery, I bought this battery one year ago from them.
  4. They suggest i try a jump start.
  5. I go to jump start, look down check engine light is FLASHING!
  6. I read that flashing= VERY NOT GOOD!
  7. Since car wont start-- needs a tow already not to mention the possible $$$??? for a car I’m not even driving nor will drive and not worth my money to invest anymore…

HELP PLEASE ASAP!! I was depending on this money to pay for me and my fiance to be married in august and cant dig my hole deeper with repairs on this car before selling!

Does the battery have enough charge to operate the headlights? If so, turn the ignition key from off to one repeating 3 times and ending with the key on (don’t move the key to the start position) and watch the check engine light(CEL) for a code. The light will blink the 2 digit codes indicating why the CEL is flashing. When the light blinks 5-5 it indicates the end of the code string. Post the codes here.

Did you actually try to jump start it or not? Like Rod Knox said, see if there are any codes in there. You just count the flashes and keep track on the basis that it will flash two digit numbers.

I know this is water under the bridge, but you must have just handed over the keys and let people go? I would ride along. I’m sure you had some joy riders who went out and beat the daylights out of it.

Along the lines of what cigroller said, it’s even possible the test drivers took your car and exchanged some of its good parts (including the battery) with bad parts from their own Neon.