95 Dodge Grand Caravan LE dies when hot

My Grand Caravan will suddenly die if the temperature outside is above 90 or if it has been driven on a long trip. I left it with a mechanic for a week but since the weather was not hot enough it didn’t show the symtoms. It will restart when it cools off. There is no error code on the car’s computer during failure mode. The mechanic could not find anything wrong with his testing. It has 180,000 miles on it. Also, I don’t know if it’s related but the air conditioner does not come on until the car has been driven about 5 miles. Seems to be heat related. Any suggestions?

I would assume the trouble is due to an electrical problem when this happens. I would first check for spark when the trouble occurs. If that is ok then check the fuel system.

I’d suspect a bad coil or module.

I just bought a crank position sensor from reading old postings on a problem like this. I will see if it solves the problem. The spark is fine.

Coil is not the problem. There are 4 of them on this van.

I would think there should be a code set if the CPS sensor wasn’t working correctly when the trouble occurs. If the spark is ok then I would try spraying some starter fluid into the intake to see if the engine fires then.