95 Corolla Transmission Problem



I have a 95 Corolla w/140k miles. I’ve been experiencing (for several months) what I feel is the start of transmission problems but two mechanics can’t diagnose it since the problem doesn’t occur all the time.

Here’s the problem: beginning to accelerate from a full stop the car sounds like it’s in the wrong gear. The car moves forward at about 10-15 mph and the engine sounds like it’s trying its hardest. Suddenly the car will jerk forward like it’s finally gotten in the correct gear and pick up speed. This occurs randomly and not frequently. Enough for me to be concerned though.

The mechanics checked the transmission fluid and found no discoloration or burned smell. My records show a transmission cleaning and fluid change about 20,000 miles ago. I plan on selling the car at the end of the month and want to know if this is a problem I need to warn potential buyers about.


i would tell the buyer about the problem. just to be far. it kind of sounds like a pump in the tranny is starting to go out but i’m not totally sure. the same thing happened to my dodge neon.

mopar man


Thanks for the info. None of the mechanics have mentioned possible pump problems. Was it a pump in your Dodge Neon.