95 buick riviera back seat fills with water


Hi, I have a 95 buick riviera and water is collecting in the passenger side back seat. I sponge it up and it comes back. No leaks anywhere to be found. Any ideas? Thanks


You’ll have to look closer. The water doesn’t get there by magic. More likely it’s a bad window or door weather seal.

If you have a sunroof, check out the corner water drains, they may be plugged.


Most likely is a blocked drain on a sunroof, if you have a sunroof. Next I would start taking a good look at the trunk, if there is a leak there it may flow into the back seat area. Remember that a leak in the floor can cause water to come in as it is splashed.


If it seems this water appears after the AC has been operated, the AC condensate drain might be plugged. This then allows the condesation pan to fill with water. This water can then run down the firewall, under the carpet in a stamped out recess channel in the floorboard. The water collects at the end of this channel forming a lake, and the rear rear passenger floor gets wet.



Hi, I sealed around the windshield to be safe but I think the air conditioner is a great posibility. I don’t see any water draining when it has been running full blast. How do I find the condensation pan?




You need to get under the vehicle, passenger side, and on the firewall there should be a rubber tube pointing to the ground. This is the condensate drain tube. If you have compressed air, just blow some air up this tube to clear any blockage. If you don’t have compressed air, use a length of string off a string trimmer to clear any blockage.





My grandma had a 97 Regal that did the same thing. Under the wiper panel piece at the base of the windshield, there was an unwelded seam. We sealed it up with some kind of industrial tape that my grandpa had laying around, and it stopped the leak.