95 bonneville compressor/ bypass pulley breaking

I have a 95 Pontiac bonneville and I’m having problems getting a bypass pulley on my car. Everything started when I was on my way to work and I noticed the power steering was failing so I checked under the hood and my belt had came undone so I set the belt and it popped off again when the car started I took a closer look and noticed that one of the bolts holding the compressor in place had snapped so I managed to get it out and replace the bolt. I began to drive the car and everything was fine and parked and went into a store came out and started up the car and steering went out again so I checked and this time the whole bracket on the as compressor snapped. I tried replacing it with a bypass pulley but they keep snapping like the compressor did I asked around and one persons telling me that a bypass won’t work I need the compressor and another is telling me that the bypass should work and their has to be another pump or pulley that’s bad soo it’s just one big headache and I would really appreciate some help thanks.

If the by-pass is the correct one and installed correctly it should work with no problems. With the belt off turn all the pulleys paying attention to any dragging or wobbling.